Social Media websites that accept adult content?

Written by  on October 17, 2017

Is there any other SM sites that allow you to post adult content/nude pictures/GIFs other than Twitter and Tumbler?

How to increase instagram follower

Written by  on October 17, 2017

Is there any tips or tricks to increase instagram followers fast?

Written by  on October 17, 2017

Instead of her usually clear complexion, she had several large pimples on her face. Such a routine would help your skin cells regenerate. In this age of fiercely competitive beauty and cosmetic industry, you can find a plethora of anti-aging products adorning the market shelves. No matter how confident a woman is, she is particularly sensitive to problems like aging. This is basically what you'll see when you visit LifeCell. This product will help take care of the needs on that area. Anti… ^(

Youtube and Adsense, anyone on this business?

Written by  on October 17, 2017

Yesterday I saw a video of someone on youtube showing is earnings of more than 10,000$ for a 10 million views video.
Well, how hard is it getting millions of views? Which videos you need?

Is anyone running Youtube + Adsense with success without showing themselves but just uploading third part videos?

How to open my sales thread

Written by  on October 17, 2017

Hi Fellow marketers,
I was busy in some other venture and and had less time to focus on my sales thread here on BHW. I am back to the forum now but now I can post reply to my thread.
Here is the message with a lock on my thread.
Thread Status:

Not open for further replies.

Any suggestion, Hope this will be the right place to ask the question.

Quality Niche Blogs Needed

Written by  on October 17, 2017

Hai, i'm looking for Niche backlink building..

My Niche : Camel / Nutrition / Life style

Note : No General blogs and No Low quality blogs please.. Only Quality blogs.

What to do with Tumblr accounts

Written by  on October 17, 2017

I have a few Tumblr accounts with 10,000 plus followers, I'm wondering what the best method is to monetize them and whether it's worth buying a custom domain for them for SEO purposes because I'm planning on linking them to my other sites.

How they make a game hack video like this?

Written by  on October 17, 2017

Hard to find info on this on the web so maybe one of you guys know the answer.

I took a typical video as example like this one for Clash of Clans, I jus't can't figure it out. The process is flawless.

To see what I mean skip to 5:08.

The game is still running normal speed, I don't see any cheatengine or similar program icon and yet they made it look so real.. How??

I need Meta tag and Title for my Home page

Written by  on October 17, 2017

I need Meta keyword and Title for my Home page. Keyword: best guy safe

SEO is this normal?

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My article was on the 5th place, I decided to change article name because it was not to specific. So now I have different permalink and I made 301 redirect from old to new one. This happened few days ago. The problem is that I can't find my article on google anymore, there are just link with tag on 7th place.
Also I expand my article and I include my focus keyword on more places so now I have word density 1.9%. This is not the first time that I make some changes but I never changed link or…

SEO is this normal? ^(