Best minimum wage job?

Written by  on September 4, 2017

My moms be nagging hard and IM money not enough yet. It's going to be smart for me because I have many ideas to invest it. What's the least shitty minimum wage job a high school graduate can get?

Do you like drinking?

Written by  on August 31, 2017

:(I hate it I feel like I never have control and had some embarrassing moments with girls. Can you guys get drunk and work on anything? I tried it and nothing was sounding serious.

I love some weed though that's the good shit.

How to lose weight without exercising.

Written by  on August 28, 2017

It's bigvision again trying to contribute to the BHW community. I always assumed living this lifestyle that weight can creep up on you.

I know for a fact a lot of people here are obese or overweight. People have the idea that exercise is required to lose weight.

That is completely false, all that matters is how many calories you eat.

Today I'll be teaching you about CICO(calories in calories out) – it is simple science. If you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight. If you eat…

How to lose weight without exercising. ^(