page rank and serps

Written by  on October 17, 2017

is this true regarding page rank
if i have a site has page rank 7 or 6 and the competitors have lower page rank
my unique posts will rank first before them in the first page
is that true reguarding page rank

******** links allowed

Written by  on September 30, 2017

how many follow links in your site to other sites allowed before it is considered pure spam or get pure spam penality?

if it is 5 links allowed ,can i change them to nofollow and give another 5 follow links to other sites?
thank you in advance

how to avoid dmca notice

Written by  on September 30, 2017

i run a movies site ,certain movies are deleted from serps and others not ,and if i repost the same movie after a while may be day or two ,it doesnt recieve dca notice and exist in serps for avery long time .
i want to know how dmca work exactly to avoid it for certain movies
thank you in advance

simple idea for backlinks PBN

Written by  on September 21, 2017

making auto blogs of my niche 50 autoblogs
the auto blogs with formatted rss feed of my original site
so as each post has 50 unique posts in the autoblogs ,unique because they are formatted in a certain way .
the blogs have the same keywords as the originals and will be indexed in google and get some visits
if it works we can scale it up we can get alot of backlinks

soacial media help rank

Written by  on September 21, 2017

is sharing posts on soacial media help rank your site ?

need help i am tired and depressed

Written by  on September 20, 2017

ALL the topics in all forums that talking about finding niche talks about your interests.
by using keyword planner and google trends ,i found that all my interests and hoppies have high competition in serps,
even my specific knowledge from my profession in the real world has high competition.
the key to all of this founding a niche that i dont know any thing about ,i could learn any thing new as long as it gives money
i tried a very very very specific micro niches and found high competition…

need help i am tired and depressed ^(

paypal payment refused

Written by  on September 2, 2017

this happened with adfly with recieving profits they said payment refused
dont know why
can you help me?

filling my own cpa offers technique

Written by  on September 2, 2017

using mobile hot spot and a laptop connected from it
each time i connect to 3 g network it gives me adifferent ip address .
changing wifi mac address in mobile every time connecting to a 3g network this may require rooting
change mac address of the wireless network card that you use in the laptop
using ccleaner in laptop each time filling a cpa offer
use 4 sims of 4 diffenent networks to give you a large pool of ip address

so each time you fill an offer you became a whole…

filling my own cpa offers technique ^(

idea of making passive money from home

Written by  on August 28, 2017

i want to set up a microtik server in my home and a broadcasting internet network broadcasting 6 km in my town . making apotal gate and cpa offers to get access to the internet from the captive portal gate .
i will limit access to the internet to one hour daily after completing an offer per a unique user
i will do a hack that changes the internet ip every 5 minutes automatically .
will that go well with cpa networks ?

be a millionaire by facebook ads

Written by  on August 26, 2017

i have been searching the entire forum for methods and plans to get money and to inspire me ,
last night i have a brilliant idea i guess .
i was thinking of using facebook ads for a copyrighted content like movies serieses anime ,
these things people do millions of searches for it .
i checked the prices of facebook ads if targeting united states the post reaches 1000 – 2400 views per 3 dollars through targeting the post to aspecific people searching for it ,
first of all prepare your site

be a millionaire by facebook ads ^(