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Can this be fixed using any service here on bhw or what do you suggest me?


High Authority Do-Follow And Indexed Guest Post Service at Affordable Price

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Article is indexed but cannot see cache

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Recently, an article was posted on The posted article can be seen on google search but I cannot see its cache version. Infact every article posted on does not have cache version.

Does it count in backlink? Anyone has any idea?

How can i change my IP address every second or in one click without using a proxy within a browser

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Hey guys i need to change my public ip address once a second or in a single click. i want unlimited ip addresses and i want it to be software that is not integrated with my browser like an add on … i dont want any bulls**t about it being unfeasible or it pointless because i have a legitimate need to be able to do so … i would like some assistance on the issue not a bunch of trolls trying to pretend that they are intelligent when they have no idea what theyre talking about … THANKS GUYS!

How To Stop Search Spam Negative SEO?

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Somebody itrying really hard to neg me. They actually boost my ranking a bit. The only thing I'd like to do something about is someone is search over and over for a term and bouncing it.

Anybody had success stoping this?

How TF is this dude VERIFIED?! @aswaaq

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How is it even possible, this dude literally post stolen silly memes, and ugh what the fuck man.

account: @aswaaq

IG Journey – 100.000 followers on 10 Profiles

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First of all, you may notice my post count ;) but I have been reading and reading and reading for a little bit, so I decided to open my own Journey thread in the section.
I am not a newbie though, I have used MP for quite a long time and grown a couple of accounts , ending up selling them at the end.
I have been focusing on some new automation tools, and before moving onto private bots I just wanted to test out this new site wich was recently…

IG Journey – 100.000 followers on 10 Profiles ^(

Do you like drinking?

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:(I hate it I feel like I never have control and had some embarrassing moments with girls. Can you guys get drunk and work on anything? I tried it and nothing was sounding serious.

I love some weed though that's the good shit.

Regarding Google Penalty Checker Tool

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Actually, I tried some of the google penalty checker tools – Google sandbox and penalty checker, Site penalty Indicator, Fruition Google Penalty Checker, Penguin Penalty checker.But I couldn't get the valid result.
Can anyone try and get the correct solutions from this tools? or Any other best tool recommended for Google penalty checker?


After 7 Years On BHW, It Was About Time To Introduce Myself

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Hi everybody ! After lurking in the dark for the past 7 years, I decided to become more active on these forums and share knowledge with other members.

I’m not actually a marketing guy myself – I work as a freelance French translator and use SEO/web marketing tactics to generate more business.

Over time, I've seen many changes in algorithms and learned tons of good tactics to rank pages.

Hopefully I’ll be able to give back to the community and keep learning about this fascinating…

After 7 Years On BHW, It Was About Time To Introduce Myself ^(